Muhazrin Petroleum Sdn. Bhd provides Project Management, Training, Education and Engineering Consultancy Services to the Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas pipeline Industries.

Subsea Pipeline Expertise

Construction Engineering
Pipeline Free Span Analysis
Fatigue Analysis
Bottom Roughness Analysis
Lateral Buckling Analysis
Upheaval Buckling Analysis
Integrity Assessments
Corrosion Analysis
Towing/Bundle Design

Onshore Pipeline Expertise

Construction Engineering
Anchor Block Design
Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System
Trenching and Backfilling Design
Horizontal Directional Drilling Design
Block Valve Station Design
Pipeline Route Selection
Upheaval Buckling Design

Mechanical Expertise

Pipe Stress Analysis
Wall Thickness Design
Pressure Vessel Design
Sprinkler System Design
Fire Protection
Storage Tanks
Spanning Analysis
HVAC Design
Potable Water Treatment
Personnel Escape Systems
Corrosion Protection